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Commodore C64 Books

Books about the Commodore C64 computer and related models.


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Folkscanomy Computer: Books on Computers and Programming
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basic program 46
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computer 43
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print statement 10
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adventure 9
bytes 9
character generator 9
diskette 9
geos 9
high byte 9
language 9
low byte 9
main loop 9
main program 9
rts 9
source code 9
sta lda 9
voice 9
address bus 8
beq 8
buffer 8
data block 8
drive 8
files 8
future expansion 8
hex 8
high order 8
instruction set 8
low order 8
mode 8
player 8
pointer 8
program listing 8
random number 8
relative file 8
rem set 8
type 8
variable 8
adventure games 7
array 7
basic programming 7
bytes cycles 7
cmp 7
color memory 7
data statement 7
display 7
error 7
high resolution 7
interrupt flag 7
lines 7
memory map 7
power supply 7
ram 7
sequential file 7
sound effects 7
starting address 7
user 7
arcade games 6
bit map 6
carry bit 6
channel number 6
character string 6
custom characters 6
das 6
den 6
die 6
drive number 6
enter 6
equ 6
error message 6
flag 6
flow chart 6
games 6
language games 6
load 6
microprocessor 6
peek 6
press return 6
program lines 6
random numbers 6
string variables 6
tape recorder 6
text 6
und 6
vic chip 6
word processor 6
address lines 5
background colour 5
buffer number 5
call clear 5
characters 5
checksum number 5
color computer 5
commands 5
commodore key 5
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function key 5
good idea 5
guide 5
logic 5
main menu 5
mit dem 5
object code 5
press play 5
print command 5
programming aids 5
register pair 5
relative files 5
rem input 5
return trem 5
sector 5
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Date Published
Commodore C64 Book: Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology, The (1985-03)(Transactor Publishing)
Topics: error, perform, control, data, proc, commodore, pointer, users, screen, byte, memory map, address...
Commodore C64 Book: 1001 Things to do with your Commodore 64 (1984)(TAB Books)
Topics: print, program, computer, input, data, programs, listing, goto, personal computer, personal,...
The Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology
Topics: perform, buffer, commodore, file, error, pointer, data, users, control, byte, users group,...
Tricks and Tips for the Commodore 64
Topics: data, print, program, tricks, tips, poke, lda, equ, commodore, machine language, operating system,...
Z-80 Assembly Language Programming
Topics: memory, data, program, instruction, contents, location, mmmm, interrupt, address, memory location,...
Commodore 64 Troubleshooting and Repair Guide
Topics: commodore, power, disk, troubleshooting, repair, chip, computer, replace, logic, ram, turn power,...
Commodore C64 Book: Assembly Language for Kids (1985)(Microcomscribe)
( 1 reviews )
Topics: jsr, program, lda, sta, opcode, code, sprite, assembler, assembly, data, adrs opcode, operand...
Commodore C64 Book: What's Really Inside the C64 (1983)(DataCap)
Topics: lda, jsr, sta, ldy, jmp, beq, byte, bne, pointer, flp, secondary address, syntax error, flp accu,...
Tips and Tricks for Commodore Computers
Topics: program, data, poke, programs, chapter, disk, commodore, lda, screen, print, machine language,...
Compute s Third Book of Commodore 64 Games
Topics: data, return, print, adventure, program, spaces, chapter, screen, player, press, fire button,...
Commodore C64 Book: COMPUTE'S Data File Handler for the Commodore 64 (1984)(COMPUTE! Publications)
Topics: data, print, program, file, gosub, goto, trem, dfh, data data, disk, basic program, data records,...
The Giant Handbook of Computer Projects
Topics: memory, program, data, output, computer, input, digital, logic, address, instruction, program...
Commodore 1541 Troubleshooting and Repair Guide
Topics: disk, model, pin, capacitor, drive, circuit, data, motor, serial, troubleshooting, drive motor,...
Commodore C64 Book: Das GroBe Commodore 64 Buch (1989)(Data Becker)(De)
Topics: die, sie, und, den, auf, eine, mit, das, das grobe, ein, auf den, auf dem, grobe commodore, sie...
Compute s Data File Handler for the Commodore 64
Topics: data, print, program, dfh, file, trem, gosub, goto, dfh editor, program listings, data file,...
Advanced 6502 Programming
Topics: sta, lda, leds, player, led, jsr, program, random, bne, key, random number, sta portia, real time,...
Undocumented Z80 Documented
Topics: ddcb, fdcb, res, set, bit, oil, rlc, opcode, sll, interrupt, hex bytes, mnemonic operation,...
Compute s Second Book of Commodore 128
Topics: program, data, esc, print, disk, commodore, spaces, programs, screen, machine language, basic...
Compute s 64 Games for Kids
Topics: trem, spaces, data, return, rrem, capital, irem, nation, checksum number, mother earth, spelling...
Commodore C64 Book: Anatomy Of The 1541 Disk Drive, The (1984)(Abacus Software)
Topics: lda, sta, jsr, disk, data, drive, file, buffer, anatomy, bne, channel number, track number, disk...
Commodore C64 Book: COMPUTE'S First Book of 64 Sound and Graphics (1983)(COMPUTE! Publications)[a]
Topics: data, poke, color, screen, program, character, sta, lda, memory, chapter, character set, color...
Commodore C64 Book: Commodore 64 Assembly Language Arcade Game Programming (1985)(TAB Books)
Topics: sprite, program, color, data, graphics, screen, character, ram, memory, assembler, vic chip,...
Commodore 128 Book 4 1571 Internals
Topics: lda, sta, buffer, jsr, pointer, byte, sector, track, set, abacus software, buffer pointer, rts...
Commodore C64 Book: Commodore 64 Guida Del Programmatore (1985)(Commodore)(It)
Topics: del, che, una, viene, sono, modo, essere, della, registro, memoria, capi tolo, linguaggio macchina,...
Commodore C64 Book: Impossible Routines for the C64 (1984)(Duckworth)
Topics: lda, sta, program, jsr, screen, code, basic, routine, bne, hex, machine code, basic program,...
Commodore 128 Programming Secrets
Topics: ram, basic, program, byte, disk, programming, code, data, secrets, memory, programming secrets, ram...
Commodore C64 Book: 40 Best Machine Code Routines for C64 (1984)(Duckworth)
Topics: lda, sta, jsr, cmp, bne, beq, rts, jmp, ldx, adc, jsr saefd, bne loop, lda sta, sta temp, sta lda,...
Gold Mine Game Tips for Commodore Users
Topics: unknown, commodore, game, poke, joystick, canada, address, enemy, press, version, address unknown,...
Commodore C64 Book: Inside Commodore Dos (1984)(Datamost)
Topics: jsr, sector, track, buffer, file, branch, byte, load, routine, data, data block, drive number, rom...
KIM-1 Microprocessor Fundamentals
Topics: data, program, logic, output, input, binary, system, memory, software, timer, interval timer, data...
VIC Revealed
Topics: data, memory, program, byte, address, character, accumulator, stored, machine code, floating point,...
Commodore C64 Book: COMPUTE'S The Complete 64 (1986)(COMPUTE! Publications)
Topics: speedscript, press, command, note, cursor, sidplayer, speedcalc, notes, voice, key, sheet music,...
Electronic Projects for your Commodore 64 and 128
Topics: data, program, digital, binary, circuit, camera, computer, chip, user, digital camera, user port,...
The CPM Handbook with MPM
Topics: file, command, pip, program, diskette, user, files, system, version, drive, user area, system...
The Great International Paper Airplane Construction Kit
Topics: plane, airplane, fold, planes, disk, graphics, decorated, international, construction, paper, paper...
Programming the 6502
Topics: program, data, instruction, lda, memory, address, addressing, contents, sta, memory location, data...
Commodore C64 Book: Will You Still Love Me When Im 64 (1985)(Duckworth)
Topics: cbmm, voice, musical, data, lines, sta, program, lda, nop, poke, ring modulation, nop nop, machine...
The Commodore 64 Home Companion
Topics: computer, program, commodore, programs, disk, software, basic, print, users, screen, users group,...
Compute s Machine Language Games for the Commodore 64
Topics: lda, sta, jsr, bne, loa, ldx, beq, jmp, cmp, rts, source code, machine language, sta temp, miami...
Commodore C64 Book: Using the 64 (1983)(Duckworth)
Topics: data, poke, program, memory, screen, mode, print, sprite, machine code, assembly language, memory...
More BASIC Computer Games
Topics: print, goto, input, data, uill, neu, uhat, uant, reh, creative computing, neu jersey, print tab,...
Commodore C64 Book: Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner (1984)(Melbourne House)
Topics: program, memory, byte, sprite, accumulator, screen, registers, address, machine language,...
Commodore C64 Book: COMPUTE'S Machine Language Routines for the Commodore 64 and 128 (1987)(COMPUTE! Publications)
Topics: lda, byte, routine, jsr, screen, rts, sta, cooo, store, program, bank number, sta lda, high byte,...
The Anatomy of the 1541 Disk Drive
Topics: lda, sta, jsr, buffer, disk, file, data, drive, bne, anatomy, disk drive, buffer pointer, drive...
Your Commodore 128
Topics: poke, program, file, data, print, sprite, character, user, disk, user guide, disk drive, floating...
Assembly Language for Kids Commodore 64
Topics: jsr, program, lda, assembler, sta, sprite, opcode, code, assembly, data, assembly language, opcode...
Commodore C64 Book: All About the Commodore 64 Volume Two (1985)(COMPUTE! Publications)
Topics: program, poke, sprite, print, file, goto, sys, chapter, machine language, data, disk drive, shape...
Commodore C64 Book: COMPUTE'S First Book of 64 Games (1983)(COMPUTE! Publications)
Topics: data, poke, print, program, commodore, return, machine, games, machine language, joystick, oil rig,...
Compute's Music System for the Commodore 128 and 64
Topics: command, notes, note, song, sidplayer, key, press, voice, measure, tempo, sid chip, measure marker,...
Commodore 128 Book 1 Internals
Topics: lda, jsr, sta, abacus, internals, address, software, routine, acc, byte, abacus software, rts...
Machine Language for the Commodore Revised and Expanded Edition
Topics: commodore, program, data, address, machine, interrupt, memory, language, basic, machine language,...
Commodore C64 Book: Inside Commodore Dos (1984)(Datamost)[a]
Topics: jsr, sector, track, buffer, file, branch, byte, load, routine, data, data block, drive number,...
Commodore C64 Book: COMPUTE'S First Book of 64 Sound and Graphics (1983)(COMPUTE! Publications)
Topics: data, poke, color, screen, program, character, sta, lda, memory, print, lda sta, color memory,...
Commodore C64 Book: 1541 Users Guide (1984)(Datamost)
Topics: file, program, disk, goto, data, files, command, diskette, disk drive, record, carriage return,...
Commodore C64 Book: Machine Language for the Commodore 64 and Other Commodore Computers (1984)(Brady Communications)
Topics: program, data, commodore, interrupt, memory, language, address, machine, machine language, basic,...
Commodore C64 Book: Tricks and Tips for the Commodore 64 (1984)(Abacus)
Topics: data, print, program, tips, lda, equ, poke, tricks, machine language, commodore, basic program,...
Commodore C64 Book: Program Protection Manual For the C-64 Volume 2 (1985)(CSM Software)
Topics: program, disk, memory, code, byte, data, lda, ppmii, routine, bytes, dos routines, sync mark, disk...
Write your own Adventure Programs
Topics: program, computer, player, adventure, return, print, data, objects, array, game, haunted house, ted...
The Advanced Machine Language Book for the Commodore 64
Topics: lda, advanced, routine, machine, sta, interrupt, language, program, jsr, command, machine language,...
Commodore C64 Book: Commodore 64 Getting The Most From It (1983)(Prentice Hall)
Topics: program, error, data, commodore, disk, computer, print, poke, error error, sprite, memory location,...
Commodore C64 Book: COMPUTE'S Second Book of Commodore 64 (1984)(COMPUTE! Publications)
Topics: program, data, trem, character, command, basic, poke, sprite, character set, data data, sid chip,...
Programming Microprocessors
Topics: data, binary, instruction, program, address, byte, subroutine, microprocessor, memory, binary...
Weird Computer Games
Topics: print, data, return, goto, yon, cls, subroutine, gosub, program, replace, conversion lines, replace...
Plus-4 Programmers Reference Guide
Topics: command, file, color, byte, program, screen, disk, mode, basic, character, low byte, word...
Will you still love me when Im 64
Topics: cbmm, voice, data, pokes, musical, rvs, lda, program, lines, dat, machine code, rem lines, pulse...
The Official Book for the Commodore 128
Topics: commodore, mode, disk, program, basic, programs, sprite, computer, color, graphics, personal...
Commodore C64 Book: Advanced Machine Code Programming for the Commodore 64 (1984)(Granada Publishing)
Topics: lda, code, sta, address, data, commodore, machine, program, array, byte, sort routines, bit map,...
Commodore C16 Plus4 Reference Book
Topics: lda, sta, routine, data, jsr, kernal, poke, address, memory, jmp, machine code, serial bus,...
Commodore C64 Book: COMPUTE'S Commodore Collection Volume One (1984)(COMPUTE! Publications)
Topics: program, trem, print, return, spaces, commodore, goto, data, programming aids, poke, binary search,...
Compute s Machine Language Routines for the Commodore 64
Topics: data, program, basic, sprite, machine, mode, routine, color, language, machine language, opcode...
Commodore C64 Book: COMPUTE'S Second Book of Commodore 64 Games (1984)(COMPUTE! Publications)
Topics: data, trem, spaces, games, return, sprite, print, program, strategy games, machine language, main...
Compute s Mapping the Commodore 64
Topics: routine, data, color, sprite, location, screen, basic, program, byte, floating point, data port,...
Commodore C64 Book: COMPUTE'S Third Book of Commodore 64 (1984)(COMPUTE! Publications)
Topics: program, data, trem, return, poke, screen, print, graphics, character set, machine language,...
Commodore C64 Book: All About the Commodore 64 Volume One (1984)(COMPUTE! Publications)
Topics: poke, program, print, goto, data, computer, statement, variable, conditional logic, color, basic...
Commodore C64 Book: Commodore 64 Games for Kids (1984)(COMPUTE! Publications)
Topics: spaces, trem, data, capital, rvs, print, return, nation, mother earth, checksum number, word...